Category: Michael’s Happenings

First Reactions to Singapore

I arrived in Singapore from New Zealand yesterday. I’m giving a presentation at IKMS tonight on knowledge and collaboration, and then presenting the Masterclass in SharePoint Collaboration and Governance tomorrow. I haven’t been to Singapore since 1978 (as a 6 year old, never got off the plane even), […]

A 7th Son

10 days ago, on August 14th, Joseph Luke was born. He weighed in at 11 lbs 2 … the same as Tim had been (boy #5). The labour was quick–2.5 hours–but we made it to the hospital with 45 minutes to spare. Katrina and Joseph were in the […]

Still Motion Video: Star Wars

My boys have been experimenting with still motion video … you know, take 200 photos with minor changes between them all, and then stitch them all together. They’ve done very well, for a first couple of attempts. Here’s David’s (13 years) Battle on the Bridge: Here is Matthew’s […]

More on Dvorak Typing

I last wrote about typing Dvorak back in January. Jill just left a comment that you’ve got to read! “After reading Jared Diamond’s piece on “The Curse of Qwerty”, I decided to give the Dvorak keyboard a shot, as I was suffering from bad RSI in my left […]

Week Two of Michael's World Tour 2009

As Sam says in the closing paragraphs of The Lord of the Rings, “Well, I’m back.” And indeed, I’m now back in New Zealand … and have been so for three days. Monday was unpacking and family day, Tuesday was tidying the office day, Wednesday was PhD catch […]