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Michael's World Tour: March and April 2009

On March 23, I leave New Zealand for a two-week tour of the United States and Europe. The topic: using SharePoint for collaboration, based partly on Seamless Teamwork, as well as a plethora of other material.

Here’s my schedule:

United States
– Tuesday March 24: Santa Monica (inhouse consulting)
– Wednesday March 25: Milwaukee (inhouse consulting)
– Thursday March 26: St Louis MO
– Friday March 27: In transit through New York to London Heathrow
– Saturday March 28: Arrive London, then to Paris, then Vienna for Monday

– Monday March 30: Vienna (public seminar, with J.Boye)
– Tuesday March 31: London (public seminar, with J.Boye)
– Wednesday April 1: Copenhagen (public seminar, with J.Boye)
– Thursday Aprli 2: Copenhagen (inhouse seminar)
– Friday April 3: Switzerland (inhouse consulting)
– Saturday April 4: heading back to New Zealand.

Hope to meet you in one of those places!