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Setting Up a New iMac 27

So my “early” package arrived from Apple today (it wasn’t supposed to come until next week). No, it wasn’t an iPad, but rather the iMac 27. It’s a powerful beast … the i7 (cool!) with 8 GB of RAM. It’s a little step up from the MacBook Pro […]

Feedback on SharePoint Roadmap: Michael Osterman

Michael Osterman of Osterman Research has published his review and comments on SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration: “Michael Sampson is an industry analyst who for many years has focused on collaboration practices and technologies with an emphasis on how distributed teams can work together more effectively. He is on […]

End of Year Piano Concert

Well here I am in Lyttelton, attending a piano recital by all of the children who go to our piano teacher. Four of my boys are playing piano, so I’m supposed to be inside. However, I’m actually outside, enjoying a drench in the late afternoon sun. Why? Three […]

The Hunt for Gollum

A group of Lord of the Rings fans have prepared another movie: The Hunt for Gollum. It covers Strider’s search for Gollum, after Gandalf realizes that someone else knows the whereabouts of the ring. It’s available free on the Internet, and is 40 minutes in length. I watched […]

Document Co-Authoring

Working on documents–alone and with other people–is a key activity for many information and knowledge workers. In this research project, I am reviewing the key document authoring products and services that offer collaborative extensions. For all related posts, see the Document Co-Authoring category on my blog. TextFlow Overview […]