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Change for Newsletters

I have introduced a few changes on my blog and book web sites this morning, around how I accept signups for the three email newsletters I publish. A couple of people have mentioned that they are receiving spam to the special email addresses they set up for the […]

Second Wave People

My new book is about User Adoption Strategies for collaboration technology, and focuses on “second wave people”. These are the ones in an organization who don’t rush to embrace new collaboration technology … regardless of what it is. They are very different from “first wave people” — the […]

"Just one thing"

I started the week working each day on three different books – one of which I’ve disclosed (Governance Themes), and two which are still under wraps. I thought I could do three at a time, with good time boxing. But alas, I had to face up again pretty […]

It's Easter

It’s Easter again. In New Zealand, the financial year starts on April 1 (no joke), and then we led straight into a long weekend. Friday is a public holiday, as is Monday. So this year it was a bit like having a long holiday to celebrate the new […]

Few days, no blog

I just realised that it’s been a few days since I wrote here. I’ve been writing a lot on other things – a couple of new books, the two User Adoption reports, the underlying research for the Site Closure Policy governance theme, and more – but nothing here […]

United States Tour in May or June 2010

I’m contemplating a visit to the United States in May or June 2010. Some people have asked when I’m coming next … so here’s a potential series of dates. How could I help? – I could run a SharePoint Collaboration and Governance masterclass in conjunction with you (“you” […]