Managing and Growing Your Intranet Workshop: Go Dorje!

Dorje McKinnon is a leading contributor in New Zealand to the Intranet scene (and he’s called out as a contributor in Jane McConnell’s Global Intranet Trends 2009 report). He’s running a two-day workshop in Wellington on May 7 and 8 entitled Managing and Growing Your Intranet:

Managing and Growing your Intranet provides you and your organization with the skills and abilities essential to further your organisation’s goals, while taking advantage of the opportunities an intranet provides.

This new and refined course will revitalise and take your organisation’s intranet to the next level. You’ll come away having had you intellect challenged and your mind stimulated. You’ll even pick up some tips on how to recession proof your intranet.

Whether or not you are in a government department, corporate body, large or small organisation, this two day course will leave you invigorated as you return to work. You will gain useful professional skills and tools in each session to ensure you come away with the ability to make informed decisions that benefit your organisation.

If you’re in Wellington, it’s not too late to attend. But anyway, go Dorje!

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