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How to Manage Your Business in a Recession

The January 19, 2009 edition of Fortune magazine features an article entitled “How to Manage Your Business in a Recession”, authored by Geoff Colvin (pp.66-71). Inside, Geoff lays out 10 ways to weather the current economic storm. He starts: “Exciting as it is to be living through historic […]

News Updates (January 15, 2009)

Collaborative Drivers … Shawn lists six reasons why enterprise collaboration will be important in 2009: (1) the global financial crisis, (2) the increasing speed of business, (3) the rise of Gen Y, (4) the information explosion, (5) increased complexity, and (5) outsourcing to Asia. More Comapping Mind Mapping […]

Feedback on Michael's Conference Presentations

Audiences love Michael’s presentations and workshops. Here’s what other people have said (and yes, these are direct quotes): “Great Session. Michael was a good speaker and ran an informative session. What better way to start a conference on collaboration than to run a session where you are encouraged […]

Effective Virtual Team Meetings

A couple of weeks back, Angelo from the Leading Virtually blog wrote about casual virtual team participants and the danger they pose to virtual teams. The main idea was that if you don’t know how to work specifically on a virtual team, you will pull down the performance […]

Michael's Recent Writings

Here’s the links to Michael’s most recent articles: Notes on “Is Green the New Black?” (August 2008) Roundup of Open Publish 2008 (July 2008) Notes on “We’re Catching Up” (Michael Sampson Keynote at Open Publish) (July 2008)