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The Dark Knight Trailer

The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins, is coming later in the year, and I happened on the movie trailer today. It looks great … but I have one great sadness with the movie: I won’t be able to compare notes with Marc Orchant, a rabid Batman […]

What's the Greater Pain?

I just read an email from Peter Murphy from Get Motivated, Stay Motivated, and was inspired to write this on my plans for today: “The pain of regret for settling for mediocrity is far greater than the pain of mistakes while pursuing excellence.”

Questions of Selection

Questions of Selection are focused on designing a new collaboration environment (see the three questions we help clients to answer). Previous Client Engagements We have worked with clients to answer these questions: “Should our firm continue to use Lotus Notes and have IBM as a strategic vendor, or […]

Big Questions for 2008

With my time in the office rapidly drawing to a close for this year–December/January in New Zealand is summer vacation time, and my lovely wife is now 12 days overdue with our first baby for this year–I am started to think about what to turn my attention to […]


Last year I volunteered to review an article on instant messaging for an IEEE Transactions journal. Today the editor wrote back asking for a subsequent review. As a lowly doctoral student trying to get enough time and energy to finalize my proposed course of research, the first line […]

Britain's Got Talent 2007

Thanks to YouTube, we got to share in some of the Britain’s Got Talent variety show. Some of the contributions were incredible. My favorites were: Paul Potts singing Nessum Dorma. He received an incredible reaction from the audience and judges; an incredible turnaround from the initial way he […]

8 Random Things about Michael

Marc’s tagged me with the latest blog thingee–8 random things about me. Here they are; 1. It’s very easy to have something in common with most people with kids. If I’m talking to someone with a 5 year old and a 3 year old, I’ll often say “I […]