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Yay! An Apple Store for New Zealand

Major kewl! Apple has finally let us New Zealander’s play in its stores. Now I can buy music … and more 😉 Visit New Zealand’s newest entertainment superstore and start building your collection of digital music, music videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and iPod games from the comfort of your […]

Call Recorder for Skype, Wow!

I was speaking with Bruce Elgort a couple of weeks back, and mentioned that I needed a way of recording Skype calls. I had just downloaded and installed Audio Hijack Pro, and he said, “No, don’t use that … try out Call Recorder for Skype instead” (he’s very […]

Friends Report, Jul 24

I’ve had the privilege of meeting two new people in the last week, either as a result of my work or as a direct consequence thereof. Chris Brogan … lives on the East Coast of the US and writes frequently about self-improvement and creativity on his own site, […]

Friends Report, June 24

Craig Aitken Becomes a Movie Maker … My first internal customer at Telecom New Zealand, back in the mid-1990s, was Craig Aitken, head of Telecom’s messaging products. He’s done some amazing things since those days, and just yesterday announced to the world that he and a group of […]

"Michael's Lazy Day"

Thanks to the new MindManager for the Mac, I have converted my thinking about how to have a perfect / ideal day into a mind map, and have set it as the wallpaper on my 23″ Apple Cinema Display. Daniel (6) walked in this morning and saw it […]