Feedback on SharePoint Roadmap: Michael Osterman

Michael Osterman of Osterman Research has published his review and comments on SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration:

Michael Sampson is an industry analyst who for many years has focused on collaboration practices and technologies with an emphasis on how distributed teams can work together more effectively. He is on my short list of most respected analysts in the collaboration space. Recently, he graciously sent me his new book, SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration. I would highly recommend it for anyone that is using SharePoint, considering it, or just needs to get up to speed on how collaboration technologies from any vendor can be used more effectively.

While SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration is focused on SharePoint and users of that offering will derive the greatest value from it, it also offers some valuable insights for organizations that are focused on other collaboration offerings. Given that collaboration is a major thrust at IBM with its growing set of excellent offerings focused on real-time communications, Web conferencing and social interaction; and that Novell is also pursuing this focus with its innovative Pulse offering, as are other vendors, Michael’s book is definitely worth a read even if SharePoint is not your immediate interest.

Read Michael’s post, A comment on Michael Sampson’s book on SharePoint.

Thanks Mike!

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