Setting Up a New iMac 27

So my “early” package arrived from Apple today (it wasn’t supposed to come until next week). No, it wasn’t an iPad, but rather the iMac 27. It’s a powerful beast … the i7 (cool!) with 8 GB of RAM. It’s a little step up from the MacBook Pro 13″. It seems to be a bit more responsive …

Initial comments:

– having a MobileMe account makes setting up a second Mac so easy. Plug it in, say you want to sync your settings — eg, so when I drag the mouse to the left bottom of the screen, I see all current screens — across multiple machines (MacBook Pro 13 and iMac 27), and it’s done. I *love* it. I don’t have to think, “now how do I use this computer”, or go through the painful process of duplicating settings manually.

– Did I mention that it sets up email … with the various accounts, mail rules, and more. It. Just. Works.

SugarSync is a wonderful thing. Install SugarSync, authenticate, say you want to bring down your current files, and … it just works.

– I also sync my password file (in 1Password), and Typinator shortcuts.

– Ditto for all of my notes in Evernote. I haven’t done it yet, but all I have to do is install the software, and it will work.

– The screen is a little shorter than my Dell 30″ monitor, that I’ve been using for 3 years or so. It will take a little bit of getting used to that.

– No screen flickering problems with this iMac. Thankfully!

– I have used a Logitech Revolution mouse for a long time, and thought I’d stay with that. But after an hour with the Magic Mouse, now I’m not so sure. That thing is … magic!

Still many applications to install … but knowing that my data is only a sync away is *really* cool.

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