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Getting Ready for Europe/UK in March

Now I’m back in the country after having had a wonderful week in the United States last week, my thoughts turn to getting ready for my European/UK tour in March. There are three confirmed events, and 5-6 others still under discussion. The basic approach at the moment is: […]

Catching Up

Since finishing Collaboration Roadmap on Monday, I’ve been racing to catch up after being “head down” on the book for the past couple of months. I’ve finished two client projects this week, and have started into my communications backlog … but there is still a ways to go. […]

Cisco Cius Tablet

With all the noise about tablets recently – especially why the Amazon Fire is so important – I don’t recall seeing anything about the Cisco Cius. While the above video is fun – the cut-through is lacking.

The Dangers of Paper Hand Towels

I headed for Wellington on Thursday morning, for 2 days of client work. After a breakfast catchup with my colleague Peter Crow, I was onsite just before 9am. I was there for 30 minutes, and then headed for the restroom. To dry my hands I used the paper […]

Fly in, Meet at the airport, Fly out

A client wanted to meet for a workshop – I live and work in Christchurch, they were up the top of the North Island. The question: where to meet? Yesterday, we met half way. I flew to Auckland Airport, and they drove from their offices to Auckland Airport. […]