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They Say Men Don't Listen …

From our local newspaper today … Mark, a loving husband, was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary and his wife was really ticked off with him. She told him, “tomorrow morning I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in […]

Why Apple Missed the Boat with Spaces

Apple’s next version of the Mac operating system, Leopard, due out in October, and is going to have a Spaces construct for dividing work into quickly referenceable projects. Create a Space for work. Create a Space for play. Organize each Space the way you want it just by […]

Did Eric Buy a Mac?

On May 21, I told the story of how I visited the US for a week without a Mac — that I’d just purchased a new Lenovo X60 Tablet PC with Vista Business and took that instead … and that it worked well. Two days later, Eric took […]

A Dr. Seuss for Eric, Apr 9

Oh wow, I just found something I wrote a long time ago for my friend Eric … in the spirit of Dr. Seuss (in particular the above book, which I was reading a lot at the time to my young daughter) and in reflection on the problems he […]

What Do You Call a Person Who … ?

What do you call a person who: Knows that all is not well? Knows the answer? Repeatedly refuses to do it? I think such a person–regardless of the name they should be called–should do what they know they should do, and then blog about the results. That is, […]

Highly Recommended Products from RadTech

A big call out to RadTech for their add-on protection products for laptops … and especially for Apple laptops. They offer two products which I really, really like … Notebook ScreenSavrz Many notebooks shut very close to their keyboard … and this screen saver goes between the two […]

Eric's Presenting on MindManager and Lotus Notes

That eProductivity Specialist himself, Eric Mack, is presenting a free webinar in conjunction with Mindjet entitled MindManager as a Knowledge Management Tool: How I use MindManager and Lotus Notes to get things done. Consultant and eProductivity Specialist, Eric Mack, will give us a tour of his world and […]

What? (Take 2), Feb 11

I turned in with a heavy heart last night. I felt as though I’d lost something precious, or experienced something traumatic. I felt a layer of seething anger. Just after lunch yesterday, I packed my wonderful children and wife into our 12-seat Transit (“our little car”, as I […]