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Power for 2 Hours

A neighbour we have never met just brought a generator for us to use for a few hours. How neat! The deep freezer and fridge are connected, so hopefully that will be enough to keep the food from spoliation. We did connect the water pump, but with the […]

A different day

It’s almost 16 hours since the earthquake hit near Christchurch. We had a lot of cleaning up to do – broken glasses, fallen bookcases, bedroom furniture on the ground, a huge mess in the garage, and more. Two garage cupboards collapsed, and so Timothy (8) set to work […]

Earthquake wakes us at 0430

Here in Christchurch, New Zealand, I was woken up at 4.30am by a 7.1-6 (various reports) earthquake. We live west of Christchurch, which is about where the earthquake was centered. Most importantly, we are all okay. With 11 people in the house, we stood together under the doorways […]

Carrying Fragile Things – SKB Cases

When I published SharePoint Roadmap last year, I had to carry 80 copies to a conference in New Zealand. The night before the flight, I didn’t sleep too well in anxiety about whether the books would make it in okay condition. They were bundled up in cardboard boxes […]

Weekly Newsletter Goes Monthly

I had been writing a weekly newsletter pretty reliably up to February 2010, but with the change in blogging style in March, the “weekly” newsletter became less weekly and more … fortnightly, three-weekly, or monthly. As a consequence of changing my blogging approach, it also became much more […]