A different day

It’s almost 16 hours since the earthquake hit near Christchurch. We had a lot of cleaning up to do – broken glasses, fallen bookcases, bedroom furniture on the ground, a huge mess in the garage, and more. Two garage cupboards collapsed, and so Timothy (8) set to work and put one back together. He worked for at least 2 hours with the drill, and has built it much stronger than it was. There weren’t enough screws to finish the second one, but that was started too.

My office computers sustained minor damaged. I haven’t been able to turn the iMac on yet, but it almost hit the floor. It was half on my desk, face down, and half off. On the lab desk, the 30″ monitor fell off the desk backwards and landed on a pile of books. Again, I haven’t been able to test anything yet. My brand new Lenovo W510 got scratched – even before I turned it on.

We were low on some groceries – today was supposed to be grocery day! My Mum, Dad, and sister brought out some essentials – thanks!

We cooked using a camping stove, and when the gas bottle ran out, we cooked on the second camping stove. We had a reasonable dinner, even though afterwards Jon (4) lost it all over the floor. Ah, the delights of unsettled little people.

And now it is dark, and most of the children are in bed. There are little LED torches in most rooms. Time will tell whether the night is quiet, or rocky. We pray for the former.

We don’t have power yet, but have plenty of clean water. We have a 25000 litre water tank for the house, and its basically full.

Thanks to everyone who has written by email or Twitter. Much appreciated.

Romans 12 finishes by saying, “we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken.”. In shaky times, it’s great to remember what is to come.

Good night …

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