Wellington session on User Adoption Strategies for SharePoint

The Wellington user group session on User Adoption Strategies for SharePoint was held tonight. Microsoft NZ hosted the event, and there was enough room for everyone. There were about 20 people in attendance, but with the session being out of regular work time, I told the group they “showed the most commitment to the cause” in coming.

The session went well – there were many nods of agreement, points of discussion from a number of the attendees, examples given by Trish, Chan, Mark and others, and a question about governance structure from Steve. So … there was a good focus on user adoption for SharePoint, but the discussion time pushed the boundaries into complementary areas around making SharePoint succeed from a business and human factors perspective.

Thanks to everyone who came and took part. Thanks to the user group leaders for inviting me to come. Thanks to Microsoft for hosting.

And so this brings the New Zealand tour for User Adoption Strategies for SharePoint to an end. It’s been great fun and exhausting at the same time – Auckland on Tuesday, Hamilton and Tauranga yesterday, and Wellington today.

To those who made this tour possible … thanks for the opportunity. I appreciate it.

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