Carrying Fragile Things – SKB Cases

When I published SharePoint Roadmap last year, I had to carry 80 copies to a conference in New Zealand. The night before the flight, I didn’t sleep too well in anxiety about whether the books would make it in okay condition. They were bundled up in cardboard boxes – fragile stickers plastered on the boxes – and I wasn’t sure if that was enough. Thankfully, the books did make it okay, but since then I haven’t trusted to the luck of cardboard boxes.

What I started searching for was hard shell cases into which books could be packed. I looked at a few alternatives, before settling on SKB Cases (see www.skbcases.com ). Last year before heading to Singapore, I purchased an SKB that could carry 40 books. It worked a treat, and I have used it on trips to Australia and New Zealand since then. The case looks impressive – the kind of thing someone might carry weaponry in – but it’s always just books for me. You get some interesting questions at check-in, but from then it’s plain sailing.

In the last month, I have purchased two more SKB cases – a bigger one with wheels for carrying more books (I have SharePoint Roadmap AND User Adoption Strategies to carry now), and a smaller one for carry-on luggage to hold my data projector and spare projector bulb.

In summary, if you are looking for a hard shell case for carrying fragile equipment or materials, I have had great success with SKB Cases. See www.skbcases.com . In New Zealand, see www.freightcase.co.nz .

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