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Running is Going Great!, 20070525

As I disclosed back in February, one of my resolutions for 2007 was to cultivate increased energy and vitality to handle the multiple demands placed on my time and life. I can’t believe it … but running is going extremely well … I’m so delighted with my progress. […]

Leaving New York, May 19

My visit to New York is over, and I’m on bus 320 from Secaucus heading for the Port Authority in New York for the last time this month. I have so enjoyed being here, and although it has been physically gruelling it has been tremendously intellectually rewarding. I […]

New York, NY

To describe NY as different to what I experience most days would be the understatement of my life. My normal reality is wide open green spaces, very little noise (a few sheep baa’ing perhaps), and the seeing of 5 cars on the days I don’t go out for […]

Apple Cube on 5th Avenue, May 15

After finishing the first day with my New York client, I walked down to the New York Apple Store on 5th Avenue and 58th Street. What a non-conformist piece of architecture in the heart of NY! And what a beauty! Here’s my observations of being in there: It […]

A Neat Afternoon in California, May 13

Wow, did I have a treat this afternoon or what!!! After getting off my delayed flight and clearing US border control and customs, I was met by none other than Jason Womack, executive coach, presenter extraordinare, and triathlete. We visited over a snack and I had a much […]