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Messaging News for November/December 2007 is out …

The November/December 2007 edition of Messaging News is on the Web. My article in this edition is entitled The Four Habits of an Effective Collaborative Individual: “Collaboration” denotes a group of people working together towards a mutually desired outcome. It is an accepted concept to describe organizational reality—people […]

Merry Christmas in 2007

“Christmas”. In earlier years, Christmas was associated with holidays (it’s summer down here), tenting, swimming and lazing at the beach, extra time with Dad (who wasn’t working), excitement, maybe a visit to the hydroslides (oh what joy). Later it meant a snatched day off, as money had to […]

There's a New Little Lady in my Life

Well it’s happened. Elizabeth Victoria Sampson was born about an hour ago … 2.54am New Zealand time on Friday December 21, or 5.54am Pacific time on Thursday. She weighed in at 9-14, slightly more than her older sister, but a lot less than one of her brothers (Tim, […]

The Michael Sampson Company Limited

The Michael Sampson Company Limited is focused on leading people and organizations to success with collaboration (the company used to be called Collaboration Success Advisors). It is led by Michael Sampson, and serves an international roster of clients from New Zealand. For details of how and where we […]

7 Pillars of IT-Enabled Team Productivity

During his work at Shared Spaces, Michael wrote a lot about collaboration. However, the premier contribution was the 7 Pillars of IT-Enabled Team Productivity series, a vendor-neutral framework that outlines the key technology underpinnings of an IT environment wanting to enhance team productivity. Here are the links: 7 […]

Farewell Marc

(hat tip, Aaron for the picture … much better than the ones I have of Marc) At about 3pm on Sunday, Sue lost her husband, Becca and Jason a father, the Orchant family a beloved son and brother, Oliver his best friend, and the rest of the tech […]