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Announcing … Collaboration Newswire

A dream came true today … the first edition of the new Collaboration Newswire turned up in my inbox (yay!). I have been working with Jeff Victor, the publisher of Messaging News and the Messaging Newswire, for a number of months on expanding into this new content market. […]

Who are you Giving your "F" To?

When life gets extra busy, part of surviving requires determining what you can reasonably eliminate or defer. A meeting here, a report there, a project or two over there, and you are at a sustainable place. The extra busyness tapers off, and that which you put aside can […]

The Leopard Roars, Redux

After feeling very “I’m buying a new Mac”-ish yesterday after my Leopard upgrade fiasco, I took the cheaper route and visited the Apple Support forums. As per Ben’s comment, I wasn’t the only one experiencing the blue screen of perpetual serenity, as the forums had a technote from […]

The Leopard Roars, My Mac Dies

I’m not happy!!! Just installed Leopard on an 11 month old MacBook Pro, and now it won’t start up. It goes past the white screen with the Apple logo, and then hangs on a blue screen. Oh the irony. I can see it now: Eric’s going to start […]