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What's Your Question?

Clients ask me to help them answer three types of questions about collaboration. 1. Designing a New Collaboration Environment First, there are the questions about designing a new collaboration environment, from a thoroughly business perspective and encompassing both the people and technology factors: “Should our firm continue to […]

Conversation with Phil from Synapsys, Aug 24

After the NZKM session over lunch, I caught up with Phil Garing, the Managing Director of Synapsys NZ Ltd. “Synapsys is dedicated to transforming client organisations for superior, consistent performance. We accomplish this through the delivery of training and knowledge management solutions especially tailored to the needs of […]


I was at a client’s site all day today. During a mid-afternoon meeting (not one I was in) the CEO received a call saying that his wife was close to death. It’s not that her passing was unexpected … it was … she’s had cancer for some time. […]

Do I smell cake (redux)?

He blogs. He’s written one book (so far). His wife is a fantastic artist. His daughter is clever with words and drama. His son was featured on a Microsoft promotion. And he’s turning 50 today. To the man of the moment, Happy Birthday!

Do I smell cake?

Four letters in his first name … 4 Four letters in his last name … 4 Put them together … 44 … and you have his number … for such a day as this. To the man himself … HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! “May the forthcoming year be one of […]

The Kingdom Series

My older kids have had Volumes 1-4 of the Kingdom Series for probably a year, and I’ve often seen them reading them. Chuck Black, the author, recently slipped two additional books into the series, making a new #4 and #5, and in doing so promoting the previous #4 […]