New York, NY

To describe NY as different to what I experience most days would be the understatement of my life. My normal reality is wide open green spaces, very little noise (a few sheep baa’ing perhaps), and the seeing of 5 cars on the days I don’t go out for a run, and perhaps 20 on the days that I do. Here there is little green but lots of grey, constant loud and ear damaging noise, and 5 cars a second. I don’t feel shocked by it, but it is drastically different.

Aside from the Apple store on 5th Avenue, the only other shop I visited was Toys’R’Us. My boys are die-hard Lego fans, and I wanted to get some photos of the Lego models and displays available here that they don’t get to see back home. I found a number of new models that I haven’t heard them speaking of before, as well as a Brick Factory where you can fill a bag of whatever Lego bricks you want. I’m sure they’d have no problem spending hours and hours viewing and debating the pros and cons of the various products on offer.

The BlackBerry is everywhere. On the bus yesterday out of the 8 people up the front, I counted 4 BlackBerry devices. I didn’t see what others had, but those that had devices out were all BlackBerry. Every person I’ve met at my clients has one, and it’s the device people have on the street. I am yet to see a Windows Mobile or Palm device anywhere. At least in this geographical area, RIM has done an incredible job. Hold that … I just saw one person on the train with a Samsung BlackJack (Windows Mobile).

Finally, time spent commuting is different. Back home my office is at home. So my commute is 5 seconds. Here it’s an hour (or more, depending on traffic and weather) each way. Again, I don’t mind–it is a privilege to be here–but it is different. And for the thousands and thousands of people I’ve seen, it’s a way of life.

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