Don't Visit New York without a BlackBerry, May 17

I have a new appreciation for the utility of small form-factor mobile devices as a result of my visit to New York. When you spend a lot of time commuting each day over unpredictable bumpy roads and in cramped spaces, there just isn’t room to haul out a notebook and start typing. It is possible, but in the push and squeeze of New York public transportation, isn’t not that practical. I did write my Daily Report yesterday on the bus heading back to my hotel, but the hard disk shock/bump light came on frequently. And it was precarious.

But small form-factor mobile devices are a different story. Given that you hold most in two hands (those with keyboards), your arms shield the device from the bumps in the road. Given that they don’t take up much physical space, they are possible and practical to use in very confined spaces. And given they turn on and off immediately, they don’t incur lost time in starting up or shock time in having to shut and pack quickly.

One final thought: given the commuting time required each day, being able to handle email from the bus or train is super helpful. People have to leave the office with sufficient time to get home, and a BlackBerry (the device of choice here) is worth its weight in gold for (a) catching up on email while on the way to the office so you arrive ready to get to work, and (b) for handling those last few items of the day on the way home.

Thanks New York–you opened my eyes to a reality I don’t experience very often.

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