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Friends Report, Jul 3

Happy Birthday to Bruce … although no age declared. Happy birthday regardless! Bruce Elgort Power of Community … Sometimes bloggers in a community stir up a mob response to perceived injustice. Other times community members come to the aid of someone who needs a little encouragement and help. […]


I had to share a collection of files with a client in the US today. There were about 15 files, totalling 20 MB or so. I didn’t want to email them through, so I used I was able to drag-and-drop the files into a specific subdirectory, and […]

May/June edition of Messaging News is out

The May/June edition of Messaging News features an article I wrote entitled Collaborative Approaches to Solving Document Chaos (see pp.24-26). This article arose out of my thinking in preparation for the Solving Document Chaos: Collaborative Document Construction the Productive Way session at the Collaborative Technologies Conference this week […]