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Cool Companies on the 101, May 13

Sure is fun driving down the 101 towards San Francisco–and seeing all the buildings with company names I know … McAfee, Sun, Yahoo, EMC … a true geeks paradise. Too bad I don’t have time to engage with them on collaboration strategy during this visit. And yes, I’m […]

"It is time Frodo", May 13

I love the scene in the final Lord of the Rings movie when Gandalf is waiting at the boat to head off from Middle Earth, and he turns to the four hobbits and says, “It is time Frodo.” The other three hobbits turn to Frodo in dismay, and […]

Messaging News for March/April 2007 is out

The March/April 2007 edition of Messaging News is (finally) online! I have two articles in this edition … The first, Lotusphere 2007: Extending the Old, Unwrapping the New for Big Blue, reviews and analyses the new announcements from IBM at Lotusphere, such as Notes/Domino 8, Quickr and Connections. […]

Doing anything with Email Policy Engines?

I’m doing my research for an article for an upcoming edition of the Messaging News magazine on email policy engines. The focus is on how to make policy engines work for business, and my article is a follow-up to the earlier article in Messaging News (Nov/Dec 2006) that […]

Ooohhh, Nice Quote on Thinking, Feb 27

From the Weekly Review reminder email from David Allen last week: “An hour of effective, precise, hard, disciplined and integrated thinking can be worth a month of hard work. Thinking is the very essence of, and the most difficult thing to do in, business and life. Empire builders […]

Rev. Dr. Jon Swanson, Feb 27

One of the blessings of my time at Foldera was the people outside of Foldera who I got to meet that I hadn’t previously crossed paths with. One of those people was Jon Swanson (above), an associate pastor at a church in Fort Wayne IL and a blogger […]

Meeting up with Rod, Feb 21

The man himself, Rod Drury, spent a few hours in Christchurch this afternoon. Given that I’d asked to discuss some ideas with him prior to his main engagement, I got to pick him up at the airport and take him out for coffee. I had a suitable placard […]