A Neat Afternoon in California, May 13

Wow, did I have a treat this afternoon or what!!! After getting off my delayed flight and clearing US border control and customs, I was met by none other than Jason Womack, executive coach, presenter extraordinare, and triathlete. We visited over a snack and I had a much anticipated coffee, and we generally spent a very cool hour discussing strategy, positioning and more.

Just before 4pm, who should come by a pre-arranged rendevous point than Eric Mack, sporting a computer with an Apple Mac logo proudly displayed on the flip lid. The three of us walked along Redondo Beach, and then after Jason headed off for dinner back up the state, Eric and I talked, walked and finally drove back up to LA for dinner. And then on to LAX for my connecting flight to San Jose.

It’s been a super, super-neat day. I didn’t have my camera on my person during the walking and talking (it was in Eric’s car), but the other two super-organized individuals I was with both had theirs. Thanks to Jason for the picture above.

Regardless … thanks guys. It was neat to meet Jason for the first time, and Eric for the … 5th time in person. Cool.

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