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Friends Report, June 17

Eric’s second to last excuse crumbles … Parallels Inc. released Parallels Desktop, which enables Intel-based Macs to run Windows simultaneously with Mac OS X. Permits users to run a number of virtual machines at once, and work with them at full screen mode. The final frontier for Eric, […]

Offline for a Few Days

The South Island of New Zealand had a major snowfall on Sunday night, with 1-2 feet of snow on our section. There was no warning that this was coming. I was in the office at 4am on Monday to get on with my work, and then the power […]

Fast Company on Ideas

I’ve been a FastCompany subscriber for a couple of years, and really enjoy every issue. The June 2006 edition has this wonderful quote on ideas (p.100): For all the talk about how important ideas are in business, ideas are really a plentiful commodity. What’s scarce are the skills […]

Friday's Friends Report, Jun 9

Eric’s LEGO Robotics Challenge … Eric challenged his girls to LEGO Robotics challenge, and posts the video of their success. Well done. Eric Mack Online JK’s Productivity Challenge … James Kendrick is running a productivity tips contest. Submit one of the best ones, and win a copy of […]

Friday's Friends Report, Jun 2

Memorial Day 2006 I don’t live in the United States, and the US military isn’t “my” military, but I too want to say “thank you” to those that have served, and especially those that have served and have paid the ultimate sacrifice. My friends have said thanks too: […]

Friday’s Friends Report, May 26

Tim is Blogging Again Tim Howell is blogging again! Tim was one of the team at AfterMail when Quest Software acquired it earlier this year. I have met Tim a number of times, have worked with him on a white paper project for Quest Software, and really appreciate […]

Friday's Friends Report

Peter Crow Updates QuarryGroup Web Site I first met Peter back in the days when I worked at Telecom and he at Netway, one of Telecom’s subsidiary companies of the 1990s that focused on on-premises equipment. Peter was in a sales role at Netway, and I in a […]

Today's Keeping Up Roundup

What are my friends up to? Tris in the Local Paper … Tris Hussey got himself in his local newspaper, regardling the blog revolution, Qumana, and working at home. Good on you Tris! A View from the Isle Rod on Windows in Planes … Ouch! Rod Drury Mobile […]