Apple Cube on 5th Avenue, May 15

After finishing the first day with my New York client, I walked down to the New York Apple Store on 5th Avenue and 58th Street. What a non-conformist piece of architecture in the heart of NY! And what a beauty!

Here’s my observations of being in there:

  • It was 5.20pm in NY, and there were about 300 people milling around. Many were “playing” with the numerous machines available to touch and use.
  • There were 4 security people at the top around the glass. They are there full-time primarily to stop people from touching the glass structure. The one I spoke to said there was no fear of people falling through the glass; it was “fingerprint terrorists” to use my friend Kent’s term.
  • here was lots of Apple gear, and lots of non-Apple gear that worked with Apple gear available for sale. Cables, headsets, bags, games, software and more … It was the place for Apple people to be.

And finally, the use of the underground cavern with a small glass structure up above created lots of natural light down below, but more than that, the wider setting of being next to a fountain and water feature made it a solace of a palce to be in the heart of NY, where very tall buildings, lots of noise and the shove of traffic is a perpetual reality.

Thanks Steve. I didn’t buy anything (I have all the Apple gear I need … until … the iPhone), but I did relish being in your cube.

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