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Daily Report, Feb 20

Team Collaboration

  • Google Docs & Spreadsheets in 12 New Languages … Google released Google Docs & Spreadsheets in 12 additional languages. “The languages we’ve added are: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and – you guessed it – Polish. If your favorite language isn’t listed here, we’ve got an additional 18 languages in our spell-checker. You can select your language by clicking “Settings” inside Docs & Spreadsheets.Google
  • BlueTie Signs Up 15,000 … BlueTie announced that over 15,000 small businesses have signed up for its free messaging and collaboration service in the first 90 days of it being offered. “BlueTie Free features business-class email for up to 20 users per account and administrative tools that make it easy for any small business to manage. Domain name support is available for a more professional appearance, such as jane@ Each user receives five gigabytes (GB) of email and file storage — the highest capacity of any online business application — and shared calendars, files and contacts, as well as rich-text formatting, spellcheck and drag-and-drop folders.PRWeb
  • Quickr vs. Activities? … Stuart contemplates the fit between Lotus Quickr and Activities. His analysis … “Therefore as I see it – as organisations appreciate the benefits of increased collaboration between users by utilising Quickr and/or Activities, they will likely see a need for both shorter-term Activity-based deliverable creation and the ability to manage longer-term, more formal or role-based Quickr team places” is pretty much directly in line with the intent of the two as stated by IBM Research. Quickr Blog


  • Analysis Paralysis … Chris writes about the problem of analysis paralysis, and how it contributes to procrastination. He suggests a number of ways of overcoming such paralysis, including (a) setting a deadline and sticking to it, (b) get a second opinion from someone a bit more reckless than yourself, (c) practicing making decisions, and (d) get going with something and thus gain some momentum. Chris Garrett
  • Boosting Energy Levels … Mike shares 10 strategies for cultivating higher energy. Great ideas. Michael Hyatt
  • Break Out of the Vortext … Brad proposes using a 10-minute timer whenever you start browsing the web for things unrelated to your current focus and work. When the timer sounds, quit. Achieve-IT!

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