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Daily Report, Feb 16

Team Collaboration

  • 123Together Offering SharePoint V3 … 123Together, a web hosting provider, announced that it is now offering SharePoint V3 hosting. Customers can continue with V2.0, or upgrade. Available immediately. WHIR News
  • Remember the Milk on NetVibes … The Remember the Milk team have pulled off another coup … this time enabling users to show RTM tasks on their NetVibes page. “With the module, you can review your tasks alongside your feeds, notes, photos, mail, search results and weather forecasts (there are hundreds of modules to choose from in the Netvibes Ecosystem to personalize your page).” Kewl. Remember the Milk
  • TimeBridge Hiring … TimeBridge, my favorite calendaring startup, is looking for a developer or two or three to help with a Ruby on Rails projects. LinkedIn


  • Mobile Security Woes … Gartner thinks that 2007 is going to be a scary year for mobile devices in the enterprise, due to security failures, mobile malware and more. Organizations need to get going with best practices, new techniques and tools. SearchMobileComputing
  • Update on ZYB … ZYB, the mobile data backup service that gives Web access to the contacts and calendar items from your phone, is proceeding apace. It now supports over 300 mobile phones, supports Google Calendar import (two-way synchronization is coming), and has 80,000 users. SMS messages can also be backed up and viewed online. ZYB


  • Two Types of Tasks … David reflects on the two types of tasks he sees in his life: to do, and to get done … or alternatively “tasks that better myself” and “tasks that must be done”. “Another way of describing this functional split: development versus maintenance tasks. Development tasks represent new opportunities, whereas maintenance tasks keep you where you “are”; it goes without saying that we’d prefer not to lose ground, so making sure that this doesn’t happen is a big part of our daily regiment.David Seah

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