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Daily Report, Feb 14

Team Collaboration

  • Jive Clearspace … Jive Software released Clearspace 1.0, a blog, wiki and discussion forum engine for the enterprise. “Clearspace users can work together using collaborative wiki documents or binary documents (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents) that are managed through versioning and workflow. Real-time notification capabilities allow users to see who is currently editing a document, as well as when they have finished and released it. Clearspace users can also connect through discus sion threads and blogs, and they can be kept abreast of recent content additions via email, instant message alerts and RSS feeds. Integration with email means users can contribute through email, and not have to learn a new application to participate in Clearspace.” Available immediately. Yahoo Finance
  • GroveSite Analysis … GroveSite is offering reprints of a review of its collaborative workspace solution, as written by an analyst at the Patricia Seybold Group. The review was published in August 2006. GroveSite (PDF)
  • What’s Windows Live? … ZDNet has pulled together a screenshot gallery of the Windows Live service offering. Nice work. ZDNet


  • RIM BlackBerry 8800 Smartphone … Research In Motion released the BlackBerry 8800, a combined smartphone, wireless email device, GPS, and more. Includes a full QWERTY keyboard. Available from AT&T (from February 21) and Rogers Wireless (available March). Volker’s already got one! RIM
  • Comverse Instant SMS … Comverse launched Instant SMS, a combination of SMS/texting with mobile instant messaging ideas. “Instant SMS upgrades the existing SMS experience, adding MIM functionalities like presence, mood expressions, emoticons, multi-party chats and personal messages. Instant SMS can also interconnect with Internet Instant Messaging (IM) users, providing a wide target group with whom users may communicate.” Available immediately. BusinessWire
  • SEVEN and Miyowa … SEVEN announced a partnership with Miyowa, a mobile instant messaging provider to mobile operators and carriers. The agreement will see the integration of push-based email from SEVEN (along with contacts and calendar data) with mobile IM from Miyowa. BusinessWire
  • Synchronica OTA Provisioning … Synchronica announced the addition of an over-the-air (OTA) provisioning capability to its Mobile Gateway 3.0 push email and synchronization solution for carriers. “Using the widely adopted industry standard OMA CP (Open Mobile Alliance Client Provisioning), Synchronica’s client provisioning module provides over-the-air configuration of synchronization (SyncML / OMA DS) and email clients (IMAP / SMTP), removing the need for manual device configuration. Users simply select their country, operator, phone maker and model from a menu in the Mobile Gateway portal and receive a configuration message on their phone, automatically configuring the device for push email and synchronization.Synchronica
  • Documents To Go for Smartphone … DataViz announced that Documents To Go, its office productivity solution for mobile devices, is now available for smartphone devices running Windows Mobile 5. Features synchronization with Office documents on the desktop, along with full fidelity editing on the device. VocusPR
  • Samsung Ultra Smart F700 … Samsung unveiled the Ultra Smart F700, a smartphone, portable media device, digital camera and more, featuring a full QWERTY keyboard. Samsung is hoping that Mac fans will forgo the iPhone in favor of the F700. ComputerWorld
  • HP iPaq 510 Voice Messenger … Hewlett-Packard announced the iPaq 510 Voice Messenger, a smartphone device powered by the newly announced Windows Mobile 6 operating system. Supports multiple wireless networks, and roaming across them. ComputerWorld, infoSync (picture), Gizmodo (“3/5 stars”)


  • Keep a Beginner Mind … Don’t get too old to stop exploring and seeking greater understanding and insight from others and your experience. Once you “know everything”, life gets stale fast. Gordon Whyte
  • Are You Giving Reasons or Excuses about Change? … Blunt words from Craig on making change happen and stick in your life. “I would prefer to work with someone who has little talent, limited potential, a great attitude and a genuine readiness to change, than I would with some of the high-maintenance, rich, precious, deluded, spoiled brats that walk through my door who think that things should just happen for them, the world owes them something and that I will fix them!Craig Harper
  • Five Ways to Kill Your Career … For people that don’t want to get anything done, a five point plan: (1) ignore deadlines, (2) turn in sloppy work, (3) keep saying that you’re always right, (4) don’t listen to others, and (5) keep focused on yourself rather than the needs of the team. The Only Trait of a Leader (hat tip, Chris)

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