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Daily Report, Feb 12

Team Collaboration

  • Overcoming Email Overload … Mike has written a great three-part series on overcoming email overload. In Part 1, he outlines three commitments: commit to implementing a better system, commit to emptying your inbox daily, and commit to dealing with each message only once. In Part 2, Mike outlines possible things you can do with a message in your inbox, depending on whether it is actionable or not. And in Part 3, he gives a very simple idea on how to better track delegated assignments and commitments. Great ideas.


  • Windows Mobile 6 Announced … Microsoft announced Version 6 of Windows Mobile at the 3GSM Conference; Windows Mobile is the operating system for PDAs and smartphones. Key features: better looking email, a new Office Mobile suite, sync with Windows Vista, smart calendar bar, and Windows Live for Windows Mobile, among others. Now the world just has to wait for Windows Mobile 6 powered devices … Microsoft
  • … a Review Thereof … Modern Nomands reviews the new / changed features and functions in Windows Mobile 6. “Generally we are quite impressed with Windows Mobile 6. Having used it for a couple of months, going back to Windows Mobile 5 would be painful. It is not the large functional changes that do that, it is the small tweaks in the OS that really perfect some usage scenarios.Modern Nomads


  • Make No Small Goals … Lisa encourages us to set goals that rock our worlds, to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN. She outlines a series of questions to help with goal articulation. 2 Weeks 2 a Breakthrough
  • “Urgent” Shouldn’t Equal “Rushed” … The next time you feel pressured to act quickly because something is labelled as “urgent”, see Valeria’s analysis: “It is helpful to approach our work with a sense of urgency especially when we’re talking about responding to issues and serving customers. With a big caveat: this does not mean that we should rush to conclusions or be harried through the process. The first duty we have as we build anything is to ensure that enough thought and evidence-based research is done to make sure that we’re not reacting vs. responding.Conversation Agent
  • Do Your Big Rocks in the Morning … Bert outlines two strategies to ensure you can use your early morning hours (or late night hours) to do important long-term work, not just any old guff. #1 … use the last part of the day to clear the decks, and #2 … plan what you’re going to do the next morning so you don’t lose time/focus once you get back. Bert Webb
  • Think More … Dave argues that most of us have our days jammed too full (by ourselves or others) to take time to think, and that this is a bad thing. “Not only are too many of us becoming too unpracticed at thinking, I believe many of us no longer have the breadth of useful information, or the generalist experiences and competencies of our ancestors, or the diversity of experiences, or the introspective, meditative, peaceful, uneventful moments, or the unhurried and pensive conversations to draw on, all of which comprise the raw material that effective thinking depends on.” So what are you going to do about it? How to Save the World

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