IntraTeam Event 2010: Pre-Conference Workshops (March 2)

March 2 was pre-conference day at IntraTeam Event 2010, in Copenhagen. The day started with sunshine, but by mid-morning, it was snowing outside. There wasn’t enough to settle on the ground, however, so perhaps spring is finally coming.

I ran one of the workshops in the morning, running from 9.40am to 1pm. My topic was “Crafting Your User Adoption Strategy”, and was delighted to have 30-40 people in attendance for the first (and major) part of workshop. Many thanks to Frederik for putting in a good word for me, so that I was invited to come in the first place.

There were a couple of other workshops going on at the same time that obviously I could not attend: one on personas (by Simon), and one on Intranet Benchmarking (by Andrew).

Lunch was downstairs in the restaurant, and we were all surprised to see a number of police officers actively working in by the lifts. They had all their equipment, and were shutting off various lifts. It turns out, very unfortunately, that a guest was murdered in their hotel room the night before. I’m on the 17th floor, and the murder was floor 22 apparently. Very awful.

I attended two workshops in the afternoon. Martin White of Intranet Focus presented on the topic of “Collaboration and Teamwork”; it was great for me to listen to someone else broach the topic. He asked that I interject some comments throughout, and although my jetlagged brain was crying out for sleep, I managed to say some things. In standard Martin flair, he gave me some things to think about, and some new models to consider.

The final workshop was by Jane McConnell from NetStrategy JMC addressing the topic of “Making Governance Operational”. With my current research project around governance themes for collaboration, it was again super-neat to get another (and complementary) perspective.

After the conference, Kurt (of IntraTeam fame) and his team took the speakers out for dinner. It was rather cold (is that an understatement?) walking there, and even colder walking back, but they found us a great restaurant. There were about 20 of us there in total, and 5 were New Zealanders (although I’m the only one still living there). Go NZ!

It’s a delight to be here at IntraTeam. I’m grateful for the opportunity to speak (my second session is tomorrow), and equally for the opportunity to meet people who have purchased my books (“Oh, so you’re Sam!”)

Ok … 24 minutes until Day 1 starts. I’d better get going …

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