United States Tour in May or June 2010

I’m contemplating a visit to the United States in May or June 2010. Some people have asked when I’m coming next … so here’s a potential series of dates.

How could I help?
– I could run a SharePoint Collaboration and Governance masterclass in conjunction with you (“you” being probably a Microsoft business partner).
– I could run an in-house edition of the SharePoint Collaboration and Governance masterclass for your organization.
– I could come on-site for a day (or two) of discussions, consulting and strategy work around collaboration and / or SharePoint.
– I could offer my assistance with your collaboration decision strategy around IBM Lotus.
– I could help you with your user adoption strategy work.

As with going to Europe, I’m pretty flexible on locations. I don’t mind traveling to a different place each night, and running a masterclass or offering inhouse consulting / workshop the next day.

Interested? Please let me know.

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