Friday’s Friends Report, May 26

Tim is Blogging Again
Tim Howell is blogging again! Tim was one of the team at AfterMail when Quest Software acquired it earlier this year. I have met Tim a number of times, have worked with him on a white paper project for Quest Software, and really appreciate his view on the IT industry. So I was absolutely delighted to see that he is taking up the blogging challenge again:

I considered giving this up – have I really done enough to say I’m giving it up? – but there isn’t anyone out there saying what I want to say. At the very least it gives me an excuse to analyze what’s happening out there, and I want to do that anyway, and who knows – others may be interested. So here goes another attempt to put thoughts into words and see what happens.

Tim’s line “there isn’t anyone out there saying what I want to say” shows that there is good stuff to come.

Tim … here’s one person who is interested … write on!

Source: Tim Howell

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