Friends Report, June 17

  • Eric’s second to last excuse crumbles … Parallels Inc. released Parallels Desktop, which enables Intel-based Macs to run Windows simultaneously with Mac OS X. Permits users to run a number of virtual machines at once, and work with them at full screen mode. The final frontier for Eric, therefore, is a Mac laptop that accepts pen input. C’mon Steve, where Eric’s MacTablet? ComputerWorld
  • James on Attention vs. Respect … James shares some reflections on the difference between attention and respect, and the one that he prefers to get more of. “Respect is what matters. Trust emerges from respect.James Governor
  • We Got Marc! … Dude! Marc Orchant is joining the team at Foldera. He’s going to lead the development and go-to-market stuff for a new version of Foldera adapted to the needs of students and educators. Major cool. Marc Orchant’s ZDNet Blog
  • Rocky and Debbie’s 21st … Major congrats to Rocky and Debbie Oliver on reaching 21 years of marriage. If you read Rocky’s post, and then Debbie’s response (Comment #2), you too might come away “a little misty eyed” (to borrow Amy B’s phrase … Comment #9). Lotus Geek
  • Rod “Move to Wellington” Drury … Rod Drury works in a building across the road from the Wellington City Council. It sounds like he has absorbed some of the “Wellington is the best” thoughts emanating from that building as he walks around, and is encouraging people to move there. Way to go Rod! You sound like the next business development manager for Wellington! But wait … there’s more … as a special offer, Rod is offering help with planing … this weekend only! So get movin’.
  • Steve Gets a Domain Name … Steve Borsch, with a little prodding from a certain person, changed across from borsch.typepad.com to http://www.iconnectdots.com. Yay! Connecting the Dots

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