Today's Keeping Up Roundup

What are my friends up to?

  • Tris in the Local Paper … Tris Hussey got himself in his local newspaper, regardling the blog revolution, Qumana, and working at home. Good on you Tris! A View from the Isle
  • Rod on Windows in Planes … Ouch! Rod Drury

Mobile Roundup

  • RIM on InPro Patent Litigation … US Court of Appeals for the Federal Court said “no infringement”. InPro II Licensing accused RIM of infringing its patents related to “electronic devices having user-operable input means”, such as a thumb wheel. RIM
  • RIM Entering China … RIM announced that China Mobile Communications Co. Ltd is working toward a release of the BlackBerry system in China. Date of availability not disclosed. RIM
  • Messaging Architects GWAnywhere 5.0 … Messaging Architects released Version 5.0 of GWAnywhere, a wireless email solution for Novell GroupWise. Supports over 100 devices, including those running Windows Mobile 5.0 and Nokia Series 60. Available immediately. MarketWire

Personal Productivity Tools Roundup

  • Blogging in Microsoft Word 2007 … The Microsoft Word team have added the ability to write and publish blog posts directly from Microsoft Word 2007. In prior versions, the HTML output from Word was terrible; apparently, no longer. Word now includes specific buttons for publishing to blogging systems. Joe Friend’s MSDN Blog
  • Google Notebook … Google talked about Google Notebook, a soon-to-be-released information capture tool for individuals. Enables users to capture information from the web, and share it across multiple machines. Similar in intent to Onfolio, EverNote and OneNote. Marc Orchant on ZDNet, TechCrunch

On Amazing Examples of Doing Business Right

  • Of Customer Service and Support … The hard drive in Rick Klau’s Lenovo ThinkPad died. Lenovo treated him extremely well and got a replacement out quickly. David Churbuck, global head of web marketing for Lenovo, called within two hours of Rick’s blog post. I hope Eric read this one; it is diametrically opposed to how he’s been treated by Toshiba. This makes me want to go out and buy a Lenovo ThinkPad today. Kudos. Rick Klau’s Weblog

Collaboration at Work Roundup

  • ProjectForum/CourseForum 5.0 … CourseForum Technologies released Version 5.0 of ProjectForum and CourseForum, its collaborative workspace offering for businesses and collaborative learning environment for educational institutions. Adds support for Intel-based Macs, and performance and reliability improvements. CourseForum
  • Novell Open Workgroup Suite … Novell released its Open Workgroup Suite, an open source server environment for business operations. Includes Novell GroupWise for collaboration (email, calendaring, etc), Linux Desktop, and OpenOffice.org office productivity suite for individuals. Available immediately. prnewswire

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