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Eric Graduates from Master's College! Woo Hoo!

That most amazing technologist, eProductivity guru, and all-round-good-guy Eric Mack decided some years ago to go back to school and get a degree. He had joined the workforce at a young age, being able to offer tremendous value without a University training (I, on the other hand, spent […]

Hey Steve, We Gotta Talk

While Steve is checking in from Half Moon Bay, being thlinky (a Redmonk term for “thinking” and “linking”), and playing with TextPattern and Typo, I’m seeking to have a conversation with him about the panel at next month’s Collaborative Technologies Conference in Boston. James, also of Redmonk, said […]

Must have add-on Mac apps

My new iMac is behaving well, and I am enjoying using it. With 2GB of RAM and the 2 GHz processor, this baby flies! Here are the add-on applications I have installed during the last week: For text editing, SubEthaEdit from Coding Monkeys For reading RSS feeds, NetNewsWire […]

Apple Mighty Mouse

When Apple announced their new Mighty Mouse a while back, I didn’t pay any attention. I find the standard Apple Mouse (albeit the Bluetooth wireless edition) to be fine. However, a Mighty Mouse came with my new iMac this week, and it is really cool. The most helpful […]

New "Get a Mac" Ads

Apple has a new series of ads out, under the moniker “Get a Mac”. You gotta check them out. They sure made me laugh … And then go buy a Mac! (Eric, are you listening?) Tags: get+a+mac, apple+vs+pc, eric+mack

Latest edition of Messaging News is out

Messaging News is a bimonthly print publication for the messaging professional. The March/April 2006 edition is out, and features two articles by yours truly: Four Trends for Collaboration During 2006-2010, from page 32 Microsoft Live Meeting and Live Communications Server (Sidebar), pp16-17 Other articles cover “Getting Ready to […]

Telecom Freedom looks like a good deal

Telecom New Zealand’s new “Freedom” offer looks really worthwhile. Here’s the scoop: * $10 per month for an unlimited number of calls between your Telecom home line and a nominated 027 mobile * The 027 mobile can call the home line for “free” too * Calls are limited […]

The times are-a-changin, even for Lars

Lars Plougmann, way over there on the other side of the world, has been blogging on “collaboration, technology and economics” on for quite a while now. I first met Lars at the Collaborative Technologies Conference in June 2005 in New York, and had spoken with him by […]

The Weirdest Thing About Becoming an Employee Again

Prior to becoming an executive at Foldera three weeks ago, I had been a self-employed consultant / analyst / advisor for eight years. The biggest difference I’m noticing in myself during the transition is this dynamic: Back-of-Mind Measure of the Consultant: Adding Value Back-of-Mind Measure of the Employee: […]