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Peter Crow Updates QuarryGroup Web Site
I first met Peter back in the days when I worked at Telecom and he at Netway, one of Telecom’s subsidiary companies of the 1990s that focused on on-premises equipment. Peter was in a sales role at Netway, and I in a strategy role at Telecom. We worked together on a couple of ideas, and I have long valued Peter’s view of the world, how to help companies and teams improve, and more. A few years back, Peter started his own business development company called QuarryGroup, and has just today released the updated QuarryGroup website.

While we’ve adopted a fresh appearance, we remain passionately committed to helping organisations drive growth and manage change effectively. If you’re facing challenges in these areas and are wondering how to tackle them, contact us for an obligation-free discussion.

Peter is based in Wellington, New Zealand, and travels regularly around the North Island to engage with customers. If you have needs in the business development and change management area, I highly recommend Peter and his team.

Link: QuarryGroup
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Eric is YABHTU
A year after purchasing a Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC, Eric finally considers himself “YABHTU” … or “yet another blissfully happy Tablet user”. Mr Mack has been very deliberate in putting the Tablet through its paces, trying it out in various contexts, and having a number of structured challenges to see how it performs. His final thought:

I plan to recommend Tablet PCs to all of my clients for their future purchases. It no longer makes sense not to.

Congrats Eric … I hope that Tablet of yours keeps behaving and working well.

P.S. Now we just have to get Eric “YABHMU” 😉

Link: Eric Mack
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