Friday's Friends Report, Jun 9

  • Eric’s LEGO Robotics Challenge … Eric challenged his girls to LEGO Robotics challenge, and posts the video of their success. Well done. Eric Mack Online
  • JK’s Productivity Challenge … James Kendrick is running a productivity tips contest. Submit one of the best ones, and win a copy of MindManager 6. There’s some good ones there already. And JK, congrats on becoming a granddad! jkOnTheRun
  • Jeffrey on Increasing Productivity vs. Increasing Complexity … Jeffrey wonders whether the plethora of tools we are embracing to save “5 or 6 seconds here and there” is actually creating more complexity. Isn’t it better, he asks, “to change the way I work and the way others think and work and save days, weeks or even years?” Thinking Faster
  • Rick Klau on FeedBurner and TypePad … Rick Klau and the team at FeedBurner made my day with an agreement with TypePad, for the integration of TypePad feeds with FeedBurner. Very cool. Thanks guys! Rick Klau

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