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Today I Resigned from Foldera, Feb 13

Today I resigned from my executive position of Global VP of Research at collaboration technology start-up Foldera, Inc.. Effective immediately, I am no longer employed by Foldera. What? Why? The “what?” is plain to understand, but the “why?” is a harder question to answer. It’s one I’ve pondered […]

Psst, Wanna 23" Monitor?

Okay … the time has come to sell my Philips 23″ LCD Monitor. If you have the pure delight of living in New Zealand (this might be enough of a reason to shift down here you know), head on over to TradeMe … and take a look-see at […]

Lego + Violins + Star Wars, Jan 19

My boys are 100% Lego fanatics. They just love building different things. Four of them also learn the violin. And recently we’ve introduced them to the Star Wars movies … although not #2 and #3 … they’re still a bit young for those. Anyhoo, we found this video […]

Five Things, Dec 20

Both Pascal and Mike Blog-Tagged me. Here’s my list of five: The activity I most enjoy to recharge my intuitive energy is swimming lengths. My picture of idealness is 120 lengths of 25m … I’d do it daily if we lived next to a pool. I want to […]