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Today I Resigned from Foldera, Feb 13

Today I resigned from my executive position of Global VP of Research at collaboration technology start-up Foldera, Inc.. Effective immediately, I am no longer employed by Foldera.

What? Why?
The “what?” is plain to understand, but the “why?” is a harder question to answer. It’s one I’ve pondered for months. For me it boils down to this: Being a virtual worker didn’t work for me nor Foldera in this situation; given the intensity of start-up life, I really needed to be there a whole lot more than I was able to be.

Foldera really does have a service (as it has said and demonstrated at various conferences), and it’s close to continuing with its release cycle (as it’s always said). For the major reason above, and for various personal and professional reasons, I’m choosing not to be a part of Foldera any longer.

With total sincerity I wish to thank Richard Lusk for taking a risk on some guy a million miles away in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to the many great people that I’ve had the chance to interact with at Foldera during the past 9 months–Shane, Marc, Reid, Shabaz, Daniel, Blake, Oliver, Allen, Dave, Jnan, Steve, Hugh, Peter, Dannel, Simon and many others. I wish you every success as you get the Foldera service to market.

Three Invaluable Career and Life Lessons
I learnt a lot about myself during the 9 months that I worked at Foldera, some things which I already knew and were thus confirmed, and others that came as a surprise to me. For example, I just can’t reconcile my thinking to having value assessed based on a 40 hour week; I’d been focused on value-based delivery for so many years before joining Foldera, and it’s like my internals have been rejigged so much that “doing the hours” is an anathema to me. I remember what Carl Davidson said to me 18 months or so back … “I think my consulting and freelancing work has ruined me from ever being able to be an employee again“.

Secondly, I didn’t realize how much I was going to miss the professional interaction that I’d experienced in my consulting work at Shared Spaces prior to joining Foldera. Given that family commitments kept me from traveling to Huntington Beach as often as I would have liked to, the once-a-year interaction in person with my colleagues at Foldera wasn’t enough for me. Although I’m an intense introvert and absolutely need time each day to think and write, this experience has taught me that I really do like being with people! And … there have been many days during the months that I’ve contemplated this decision where knowing that there are 600 or so people “out there” that would take time to read and comment on my blog has been incredibly helpful to my state of mind and mental wellness. Thank you. You’ve meant a lot to me.

And finally, I so incredibly missed the freedoms (and responsibilities) of the IT analyst and consulting work that I’d been engaged with prior to Foldera. Not being able to comment on the substance of other vendor announcements was very hard. Not being able to visit with organizations and talk about success with collaboration technology irrespective of vendor relationships or products-in-use was … soul destroying.

So What Now?
This blog will continue. I think I’d die if I had to stop writing here.

In terms of professional work, that’s all very much up in the air. I don’t have another job that I’m stepping in to tomorrow. I have some dreams that I’d like to pursue–research dreams, writing dreams, and consulting dreams. I just have to figure out whether my dreams help a sufficient number of people to enable me to pay the bills and care for my wonderful family! Mmm, much to think about … and quickly.

Watch this space … and again, thanks for the richness and meaning you’ve contributed tacitly and intentionally since I shuttered Shared Spaces.

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