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Five Things, Dec 20

Both Pascal and Mike Blog-Tagged me. Here’s my list of five: The activity I most enjoy to recharge my intuitive energy is swimming lengths. My picture of idealness is 120 lengths of 25m … I’d do it daily if we lived next to a pool. I want to […]

TUANZ Topics for December 2006-January 2007

The latest issue of TUANZ Topics, the bi-monthly print publication from TUANZ was released today. Sarah Putt, the editor, interviewed me prior to the recent TUANZ Business Internet Conference (at which I was one of the two keynote speakers). Anyhoo … I’m mentioned with respect to Foldera, blogging […]

That Has To Be God at Work, Oct 22

Sunday night, 9.15pm, pitch black, driving home after a day out with family, 6 sleeping children, back road that I don’t normally drive on, no street lights, and bang, the rear tire on our 12-seat Ford Transit Bus blows out (ours is exactly the same at the one […]

Landscaping, Sep 19

After two and a half years of being in our new house, I finally pushed go on patios and pathways. They are not dry yet, but are lookin’ great. Many thanks to the amazing team at Amazing Concrete Services Ltd for their diligent and expert work. Here’s some […]

Boys at the Violin Concert, Aug 30

(2.5 MB, Quicktime format) On Wednesday night, the boys were playing in the Darfield Primary School’s Music Festival at Kirwee. I videoed one of their contributions from the back of the hall. (Note to Self: Recording a video from the back of the hall whilst trying to hold […]