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Polytech vs. University

We were discussing around the meal table tonight with our older boys … David (10), Matthew (9) and Philip (7) … some of the things they could train for in the next decade. Katrina started to explain the difference between polytech (technical training) and university. Katrina: At polytech […]

Numbers Update, Jul 11

I’ve continued on what was originally a 37 day challenge. Here’s my numbers for the past few weeks: June 2006 19 … 51-9-0 20 … 52-10-0 21 … 53-10-0 22 … 54-10-0 23 … 55-10-0 24 … 56-10-0 25 … NIL 26 … 57-10-0 27 … 58-3-0 28 […]

Sampson Kids, Powered by Lenovo

My boys asked for a new Windows-based computer so they could run some of their Lego software. I had purchased a Mac Mini last year, but it’s the variant that doesn’t run Windows. So I rang my reseller (Michael Burry at TLC) and asked what he would suggest. […]

Susanna on "What's Outside"

I lifted Susanna (2 years old) out of her cot this morning, and opened the curtain to show her the white-white world for the fourth day in a row. Me: What’s outside? Susanna: Birds. Yes, technically correct. There were lots of sparrows outside her windows Me: What’s the […]

My 37 Day Challenge

The title of Patti’s 37 days blog constantly reminds me of the shortness of life. Patti consciously titled it in remembrance the her stepfather who died 37 days after being diagnosed with lung cancer. At the conclusion of her blogs posts, Patti always issues a “37 Days: Do […]