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Mum and Four Boys Cycle through Lake Ellesmere, Jan 13

A couple of weeks ago we left home at 11am and drove to Lake Ellesmere.

(Click for Google Maps)

We had all the kids, plus a trailer filled with bikes. There used to be a train track running past Lake Ellesmere to give access to those living on Banks Penisula (the bit to the bottom right of the above pic). It has been unused for decades, and so in recent years, 40 km of old track work has been converted into a scenic cycle route. Katrina took the four oldest boys for a 5 km ride down the track, and then proceeded by herself to cycle another 5 km. I had the remainder of the children in our Ford Transit and provided the ‘road crew’ backup support.

Left to Right: David (10), the wonderful Katrina, Philip (8), Daniel (6) and Matthew (9)

It was a neat day.

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