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Dad and Three Boys Walk to Rata Falls in Peel Forest, Jan 6

It’s vacation time down here, and today I had a super-neat day! I got to go tramping through the forest with my three oldest boys … David, Matthew and Philip. We left home at about 9.30am (we live near Darfield on the map below, and drove down the island until we arrived at Peel Forest. It took an hour to drive to Ashburton, and then about another hour to drive inland to Peel Forest.


We had lunch, and then did the Rata Falls walk. It took an hour to get to the falls, and an hour to get back. We haven’t done a tramp like this before, so it was a great test of endurance under sore feet and legs!

We’re about to set off. We’ve just finished lunch.

From left-to-right: Philip (8), Matthew (9), and David (10)

We’ve been walking for 10 minutes or so, and have made it into the walkway.

We’ve found the river bed. The Rata Falls walk involves 20 minutes or so of making one’s way up the river bed, leaping from side-to-side, and trying not to get wet!

Just before the Falls is a set of steps in the river. It looked so cool!

And here’s the Falls themselves. It was very noisy!

Here’s a short video of us just as we leave the river and head back up the track to the car park.

We’re almost back to the car park! It’s been a neat couple of hours walking through the incredibly beautiful New Zealand bush. Wow.

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