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An Early GEEC Dinner

Even since conversing with Chris Brogan for a podcast regarding a previous employer, given how much we had in common (Batman Begins = Great, running / push-ups, similar ages of children, and more), I’ve been hoping to meet the man himself in person. Chris lives here in Boston, and so with me in town, and him back from overseas, we arranged to meet for dinner tonight. We had a great 30 minutes together, and in particular talked about the career transitions we’ve each been through during the past 12 months.

And then Chris’s BlackBerry Pearl rang, and he asked me if someone else could join. Okay, said I, not having the faintest idea who it could be. And who should show up … but the legendary Marc Orchant. And so a GEEC-twosome turned into a GEEC-threesome … with conversation topics ranging from mobile devices, to Enterprise 2.0, to “search is the new UI” (don’t say that to Marc, whatever you do!), work and contribution, Michael’s choice of Web browser on the Mac, and much more (even Star Trek!) … all-in-all we had a thoroughly fun time being together.

Thanks guys.

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