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Reflections on Easter 2007, Apr 9

Easter has come and gone for 2007 … at least down here in New Zealand. I’m left with some lingering thought strands:

  • Here is New Zealand both Good Friday and the Monday after Easter Sunday are national public holidays, so this 4 day long weekend has been a great and restful physical break. For that I am grateful.
  • Good Friday fell this year on the 6th, which is also Katrina’s mother’s birthday. They were holidaying and sailing over at Pigeon Bay, so we drove the 2 hours and shared the afternoon with Wayne and Edna. Matthew made the most of the beach artifacts–here’s his wonderful Easter garden. We left a bit too soon after dinner, however, and after driving up out of the valley, Tim lost his food at the top of the hill. Poor kid.
  • Easter Saturday in Canterbury was overcast and wet, a good reminder of how the disciple’s spirits must have been the day after the Lord was laid in the tomb. And then Easter Sunday dawned (and remainded) a beautiful, sunny and glorious Canterbury day. Another equally good reminder of how they must have felt when their Lord was raised to life again.
  • We went to our church on Sunday morning. The service was a neat celebration of our Lord’s life and the new life on offer to us all.
  • Jon thoughtfully sent a wonderful note about Easter, and how we down here in NZ are the first to wake on Easter morning. I quipped in response that although the Lord Jesus only got woken up once on Easter morning, I’d had to get up 5 times between midnight and 6am.
  • I ran 11.4km during the afternoon, once Sus was asleep. I was going to run alone, but Jonathan (10.5mo) wouldn’t go to sleep, so I stuck him in the push chair and pushed him too. It was purely wonderful to be out in the sun and warm afternoon.
  • I’ve been struggling with some pretty big questions and challenges inside my heart and head over the past couple of weeks and months, and I’ve realised again during this Easter weekend that I have to stop living in my own strength and instead let Christ live through me. When and where I’m weak I need His mighty strength. When and where I can no longer handle it, I need Him to live victoriously through me.

So … Thank you Lord for another meaningful Easter remembrance.

And for all my readers … May the living Lord Jesus be more and more fully revealed to you today and going forward. Grace …

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