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Visit to Australia in April to Discuss SharePoint with the Intranet Leadership Forum

Thanks to a kind invitation by Catherine, the manager of the Intranet Leadership Forum, I will be visiting Sydney and Canberra in early April to talk about SharePoint from a business perspective, as well as covering some of the technical issues. The ILF wanted a vendor-neutral, non-sales pitch on SharePoint … which I can do.

Successful intranet teams have key skills in a variety of disciplines: strategy, project management, content management, communications, content writing, information architecture, usability, influencing, and stakeholder management to name a few.

That’s where the Intranet Leadership Forum comes in.

The Forum provides support to intranet teams. Joining the Forum will connect you with other intranet professionals who are tackling similar intranet projects and issues. You’ll be part of a community where you can share your experiences, helping to bridge gaps in knowledge and expertise.

I will be in Sydney on April 8, and in Canberra on April 9. You have to be a member of the ILF to attend … but … I have some time if you want to discuss collaboration and collaboration strategy in-person around these times. Let me know.

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