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Valentine's Day 2008

My mother-in-law (Edna) is a treasure. She is truly wonderful, and is loved by all who know her.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day here, and it’s pretty hard with a newborn baby and 7 older children to go out to a restaurant for a meal with just Katrina … but what did happen was even better. Valentine’s Day also happens to be Katrina’s older sister’s birthday, so there was a big family get together at Katrina’s mother and father’s place.

And here’s what Edna had done. A table was set in a separate room for 6 adults … for Edna’s three daughters and their husbands. It had candles on the table, a lovely tablecloth, crystal cups, the works. The children were the waiters and waitresses, and for once in a long time we got to have a meal with just adults (although actually I did hold Elizabeth throughout the meal, as is normal practice). It was quite strange really, but very enjoyable.

The children ate with Edna and Wayne in the kitchen, and it was quite a sight when I walked out there later in the evening to see two adults and 13 grandchildren around one table. So many little bright faces enjoying being together, so many little people getting on well and having a wonderful time with cousins.

Valentine’s Day 2008 … now there’s one for the remembering.

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