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A-Z of Virtual Teams: B is Backgrounds

The different people on your virtual team are likely to come from different cultural backgrounds, have different tastes, be sensitive to different things, and have different goals from their involvement in the project. In the same way, when members of a virtual team are composed of people from […]

A-Z of Virtual Teams: Summary

The A-Z of Virtual Teams: A … B … Backgrounds C … Coordinate the Work D … Desired Outcome E … Execute on Expectations F … Facilitation G … H … Handling Disagreements I … J … K … Keep the Sponsors Informed L … M … N […]

When do we need face time? (a flow chart)

Oscar and Jessica have been working out a checklist for when you need in-person meetings, based in part on a desire to reduce CO2 emissions. In the spirit of collaboration, I’ve taken their checklist and made a flowchart out of it for those that like things visually … […]